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Online Training Infection Prevention (English spoken)

Hygiene is pivotal to prevent any possible transmission of bacteria and viruses during the treatment of patients. Therefore hygiene is inextricably linked to safety and quality in daily dental practice!

When it comes to hygiene, in the Netherlands dental practices have to work according the guidelines of the Dutch professional association of dentists, orthodontists and dental surgeons (the KNMT), and the guidelines of the Working party on Infection Prevention (WIP*). For foreign dentists, dental hygienists and other dental staff who are already working in a Dutch Dental Practice, or those who will soon start to work there,  it is important to know the key topics of these guidelines.

Although basic hygiene should be primary the same everywhere, as a foreign dental care professional you may be used to work according different guidelines and hygienic standards than the Dutch ones. That’s why DENTCOACH developed a special training on the topic hygiene and infection prevention.

During this (English) training you will be fully informed about do’s and don’ts on hygiene and infection prevention and -control in the dental practice. The training starts with a short introduction on microbiology and transmission of microorganisms. Based on this, the training will focus on preventing transmission routes of especially bacteria and viruses. Important topics like personal hygiene, hand hygiene, and the importance of cleaning and disinfection in general, but also for dental instruments, will be covered and discussed.

In short, this valuable, practice based, and interactive training will inform you on basic hygiene and infection prevention policy in Dutch dental practices.


Inform you on working according Dutch guidelines on hygiene and infection prevention in dental practice in such a way that you are able to apply it to your own daily practice.

Target group

Foreign dentists, dental hygienists and other dental care staff already living and working in the Netherlands or those who will do soon.

Kosten: €149,- pp.


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